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Junior Tennis

Instruction, drills and fun for young players


Intensive drilling for young players

Leo 3High Performance OIT is just the program for young people working towards high school varsity, junior rankings and collegiate-level play. Each 2-hour session is packed with drills to perfect and polish the skills essential for any driven, tournament-caliber player. Here, kids perfect form and technique, increase shot variety (including topspin, slice and drop shots) and add new game strategies. Director, Rick Naumoff, and his team are ready to take your Junior player to the next level.

High Performance OIT details

High Performance OIT drills are a season-long (36-week) commitment. Membership is not required but greatly encouraged for maximum benefits. Members playing 4 or more times per week qualify for extra training.  Please contact Rick for details.

$40 per day for Members 

$45 per day for Non-Members




Contact us here or e-mail Program Director Rick Naumoff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for an evaluation and/or to sign up.


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