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What's Happening at Olympic?

Find Out About Tournaments, Parties, Programs, and More

Food, friends and tennis—it’s on!

Eric 1From tournaments and fundraisers to OSU watch parties and Derby night (best hat wins), Weekends at Olympic   rival any ordinary night out.  These events are open to Members and Non-Members alike so bring your friends and let's play.  

Please check our Events Calendar for continuous updates on with these and other great events. 

World Team Tennis Mixed League

WTT is a great mix of social and competitive tennis.  Teams can be assembled on your own, and we assemble teams with individuals or twosomes interested in playing!  A team is comprised of 4 players, 2 men & 2 women.   A combination of men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles.  Levels of play are 3.0-3.5, 4.0 Minus, 4.0.  A team’s placement is based on the average rating of the 4 players playing in the match.  (i.e. a 3.5, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 could play 4.0 Minus or 4.0 since average is 3.8.)  We keep track of the standings and give out awards to the end of season champions of each level. 

Every other Friday night with either a 6:30 or 8:30 start.

$17 for Members and $21 for Non-Members    

Contact us here or call 614.267.1213 to sign up.    

Saturday Night Open Play Parties

2-3 Saturdays each month we hold Adult Social Doubles Parties with various themes.  These events are open to all levels of play and we arrange the matches for you.  It is a casual, relaxed, less competitive atmosphere that is a lot of fun and great exercise.  You can sign up individually, with a partner, or even get your own foursome or eight-some together to play the whole evening.  The pizza is on us!

$16.00 for Members and $18 for Non-Members.


NEW!!!  Pickle and Pop Tennis   

(GET A GROUP OF FRIENDS TOGETHER & SIGN UP TO TRY IT ON FRIDAY, 9/9 and 9/16, 6:30pm, $15.00 per player night.)

This “team of 4” event is a combination of Pickle Ball and Pop Tennis.  Both are played with smaller racquets than regular tennis, and is a combination of ping-pong and tennis.  Pickle is played with a whiffle ball, and Pop is played with a large foam ball.   Both are played on a court that is 1/3 the size of a tennis court, and easily learned by tennis players, as well as those who have never played tennis before.   It’s as easy for a team of beginners to play as getting a softball or volleyball team together.  A great fun and social activity geared toward the millennial age group.  Teams need 4 players of any gender to play an every other Friday 6:30pm match.  Those interested are encouraged to get a team together from your workplace or former high school or college friends for an awesome way to start the weekend.  Round I will be comprised of 6 every other week matches starting the end of September through mid-December.  

$15 per player for all 



Contact us here or call us at 614.267.1213.

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